Business Management


Businesses are formed with the intention of making and selling products or delivering a service to make a
profit for the owners and/or shareholders. Business Management encompasses all activities that are related
to the management of these businesses. If a business is to achieve its objectives, mission and vision it has to
implement Business Management concepts and principles.

The purpose of this Business Management course is twofold: first, to address the skills shortage in general
Business Management functions such as planning, leading, motivating and control in organisations across
South African industries. Second, topics such as entrepreneurship and the business plan aim to equip students
who wish to start their own businesses with the necessary knowledge and skills to achieve their dream.

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  • Describe the field of Business Management and the environment within which it functions.
  • Describe different levels of management and indicate how various managerial roles and tasks are associated with each level
  • Identify and describe the five main tasks of a manager – planning, leading, organising, motivating and controlling
  • Explain how a business manages its operations effectively through various operating systems, with an emphasis on the management of material, inventory, quality and improvement
  • Explain the function of logistics management and describe the process from purchase to delivery
  • Discuss entrepreneurship as a fundamental skill set and recognise its importance, not only in new business
    ventures, but also in existing businesses
  • Recognise what components and contents to include in a business plan

This course comprises the following modules:

  • Module 1: Introduction to Management
  • Module 2: Fundamental Management Functions
  • Module 3: Operations and Logistics Management
  • Module 4: Entrepreneurship
  • Module 5: The Business Plan

Grade 9 (Std7) and at least 16 years old with the ability to read and write in English, the language of instruction.

Students are required to complete and submit one assignment per module. The pass mark for each assignment is 80% unless stated otherwise within the assignment instructions. There are no written examinations for this Course.